Our Price Promise

Our Price Promise

We are serious about are prices and we look at the scrap value everyday for what your vehicle is worth.

We are the only business that honours online guaranteed quoted prices!.

We only offer prices that we intend to stick too, Some other company’s may offer a irresistible overinflated higher price for your vehicle to start with, "But then!" When they turn up to take your vehicle away, They then knock the price down and when you have a truck driver standing in front of you! most customers then feel obligated to just let them take their vehicle away without an argument.

You will lose out if you do use a business that overinflates their scrap prices with the intention to only give you less when they turn up to take your vehicle. "We don’t play dirty!" and we promise to pay the quoted price.

If you use our online form “Enter Reg” you will get it all in black and white the price you will receive for your vehicle when we collect it.

...Don't be fooled by the oldest trick in the book.