Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions of the destruction or resale of your vehicle

By filling out any form! from our website you are agreeing to sell to us your vehicle that you have stated on the form. (*You can cancel anytime!, But you need to give us a days notice or when we contact you to let us know we will be coming to collect your vehicle on the day). You are also agreeing that you reside at the address of which the vehicle is registered to or registered business!. You are also agreeing that you are the legal owner of the vehicle or have permission for its destruction or resale of the vehicle and that you are also solely responsible for the actions taken of the vehicle in question in undergoing its destruction or resale.

Have you answered all the questions correctly

Have you answered all the questions correctly!, If you don't answer the questions correctly!!! Sadly! We will not be able to collect the vehicle.

Quoted price or free to takeaway

You are agreeing to the quoted price (quoted on the form) which will be paid upon collection of your vehicle and that your vehicle is complete. In some cases! some customers are just simply relieved to got rid of an unwanted vehicle or it may be in a hazard position which maybe free take away.

Do you qualify for +£10 extra

If your vehicle is within 10 miles from us, You will qualify for this +£10 extra to the quoted price. You must also have some knowledge of the distance of whether your vehicle is within 10 miles from us if you've stated that it is on the form.

If your V5 form is available

Your DVLA documents will be complete by one of our drivers (Your V5 form completed and confirmed with the DVLA). We can! and we will issue you with a Certificate of Destruction (CoD) when your vehicle is recycled (If the vehicle is to be recycled!, But on request).

Cancel or cancelling

You can cancel anytime!, All we ask is that you let us know within 24 hours before we are due to collect your vehicle or on the day when we contact you to let you know we are on the way to collect your vehicle. To cancel by email, This can be done by simply replying to the notification you receive when you submit your form, Or you can just send us a standard email on our contact page, Stating that you wish to cancel along with Name, Address & Reg Number.